TERA first battle pass for consoles arrives on the latest patch


TERA first battle pass for consoles arrives on the latest patch. 

MMOBEEP found out that TERA’s newest patch on consoles is about its new battle pass and the central feature on display. Leveling up the battle pass by performing activities in the game will unlock such rewards as a new mount, a new costume, new cosmetic items, and several useful in-game bonuses.

Tera first battle pass for consoles will have several daily missions to undertake each day, and you can also utilize gold to exchange for a new daily objective if you don’t like the one you’re randomly given. The patch has more to it than just the new season. Included with the new dungeon Resurrected Manaya’s Core, players can now re-enter Demokron Factory and Sky Cruiser Endeavor, both of which are being re-opened once more.

There’s also a new set of Dreadspire rewards, dungeon rebalances, and brand new level 65 quests to undertake. Overall the patch is something to praise for the console players.

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