TERA Crossplay Is Coming To Consoles Next Month

TERA Crossplay Is Coming To Consoles Next Month

Good News Consoles Players TERA Crossplay Is Coming Next Month.

MMOBEEP heard that after some rumors about TERA’s future shut down of En Masse Entertainment, console fans might be able to rejoice finally because Tera Crossplay is finally coming to Xbox One and PS4, as well as support for the next-gen consoles coming out this year later on.

KRAFTON shared a trailer in an article on Sarumonin.com, which shows some console gameplay and announcing the cross-platform release this November on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, including next-gen platforms.

Arriving this 19th of November, TERA‘s cross-platform seems like it will give players the “chance to try the Server’s brand new Channel System.” This is also similar to how Black Desert handles cross-play, also noted by Sarumonin. 

Also, recently, it was announced that the publishing rights to TERA were given to Gameforge to publish the game in the Americas, with Bluehole saying that the team was the “right partner” after “many years working together.”

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