Swords N Magic And Stuff Halloween Event Enabled And Pushes Back Housing


Swords N Magic And Stuff Halloween Event Enabled And Pushes Back Housing. 

MMOBEEP has found out that Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff, which we can remember, made its way to Steam Early Access at the start of September, has received many hotfixes, but we are going to talk about two more critical updates.

Firstly, an update added at the beginning of October has included Halloween to the game, with particular seasonal dialogue from NPCs depending on the time of day and monsters that only spawn at night. There are also two new monsters and 15 new items for players to grind. These are all the details that the devs released about the Swords N Magic and Stuff Halloween Event. The rest of the updates will have to be explored by the players themselves.

Next, a planned update for October 20th will introduce a pet system, letting players tame a pet, watch it gain experience and grow, and even equip it with armor to make it a great ally. Players will be able to trade the pet companions with their friends. Finally, that same update notes that the planned player housing system and furniture have been delayed and released on November 17th.

“The housing system is quite complex, and while we’ve been working on it this month, we’ve come to realize that it will need some extra care and attention to finish it and make sure it’s tested to the standards we’re happy with before pushing the update live,” explained the devs.

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