Starbase Previews Fleet PvP Tournament And Many More

Starbase Previews Fleet PvP Tournament And Many More. 

MMOBEEP heard that a game called Starbase, which was announced last year by Frozenbyte. Starbase is an upcoming “MMO with gameplay focused on building and also designing spacecraft as well as stations, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, as well as fighting.” It is currently in early access, with a launch date still noted on Steam as 2020.

Since then, they’ve been showing the development of the game every week. One of the most recent is week 33 in 2020, which discusses modifications to the in-testing quick bar, shipwrecks, beam welding, purchasing player-made ships, and player-made stations. And also? “player progression, as well as expedition design, is underway.”

Significantly, people who participated in the closed alpha are going through a fleet PvP tournament; the devs have uploaded a video including video footage of one of the first matches, which we’ve added down below.

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