Starbase early access announced, including release exact date and pricing.


Starbase early access announced, including release exact date and pricing.

The roadmap has been updated with details of the subsequent major content releases

MMOBEEP found that Starbase early access will start soon. The devs have outlined the release date and prices for said early access release. Starbase will be released next Thursday, July 29th, at 11:00 a.m. EDT. The game will be about $35 but will have a 10% discount on Steam on its first week of launch.

The game’s roadmap was also updated for 2021, and some specific details on the upcoming content patches for August and September. August will include the capability of building capital ships, build moon bases, and excavate moons and asteroids, while September will bring social features for guilds and station siege mechanics.

On the topic of development, On Starbase’s newest progress report describes more work on convenient build mode mechanics, prizes for starting jobs, and fixes for issues like lag spiking when starting spaceship designer mode, bolts that boltless combine spaceship components, and difficulties with the colossal generator part.

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