Starbase Development Update And Impressive Player Made Creations


Starbase Development Update And Impressive Player Made Creations. 

MMOBEEP found out that this week Starbase it’s been hectic in terms of development. The newest forum post talks about the Starbase Development Update and the number of updates being developed on including the return of class nine and ten asteroids, ongoing work on factory systems like 3D printers, further work on an easy to understand building mode, improvements to ore distribution, and changes to skyscraper interiors, city areas, and the Moon city’s layout.

The community of the game has been quite busy, too. As shown in this month’s community newsletter, some of the impressive player-made creations consist of a Friends opening parody, a time-lapse ship builds, a player guide about all ship tools, and a guaranteed miner created a boat with 24 mining lasers

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