Star Wars The Old Republic Will Host A Few Event Reruns On June


Star Wars The Old Republic Will Host A Few Event Reruns On June.

MMOBEEP found out that BioWare has a complete list of events prepared for Star Wars The Old Republic players this month. Many event reruns will be also be occurring throughout June, commencing with Bounty Contract Week.

The Bounty Contract event is currently live until June 8. The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally will follow on June 15. The team will be finishing the month with three events starting at the same time on June 29:

  • The Tatooine Rakghoul Resurgence event.
  • The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event.
  • A doubled XP event that will last till July 13.

Though these events won’t strive for anything new for veteran players, it does provide other players who didn’t experience them gives them new rewards to obtain during this month’s reruns. Details on each of the events mentioned above can be located on the Star Wars The Old Republic official site.

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