Star Wars  The Old Republic Next Update New Tier Of Augments Will Be Added

Star Wars  The Old Republic Next Update New Tier Of Augments Will Be Added.  

MMOBEEP heard that the tippy-top end of power in Star Wars: The Old Republic will change with the release of update 6.1.4, according to an announcement made by design supervisor Chris Schmidt. It describes that there will quickly be a new type of augmenting for players to grind for.

These brand-new augments will require products from both Master Mode operations and also Ranked PvP. Players who intend to build these brand-new augments will have to dive into both PvE and PvP tasks or take advantage of the Galactic Market to get products from others. Eventually, the rationale for adding these brand-new augments is to allow any PvE guilds to climb over the hump of previous Operations a little bit faster and also make some interest in Group Ranked PvP that may take place. These new augments are scheduled to arrive soon for the game’s PTS.

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