Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith Adds Loadouts and Character Creation To PTS


Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith Adds Loadouts and Character Creation To PTS.

MMOBEEP found that with recent news of Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith delay, we have also gotten news of a brand new update for the Star Wars: The Old Republic PTS. With this new update, Loadouts and Character Creation will be added to the PT Servers of the game. Both will be valuable additions in shaping character experiences.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is marking its 10th anniversary this year by giving a lot of content for the community to enjoy. The significant 7.0 update seems to bring necessary modifications that change the game’s overall experience, making it feel more like Star Wars while fulfilling anticipations for what these classes and styles would be like. Now players can play around with the brand new character customization, which includes revamped UI, brand new lighting, new choices, the base classes Origin Stories, and much more.

The content currently in the PTS consists of all the Combat Styles, with the latest Commando, Shadow, and Gunslinger already added. In addition, today’s update adds the supplement to Combat Styles, loadouts. Loadouts allow you to switch your playstyle entirely and gear up fast, adding more freedom in combat. Additionally, you’ll also be capable of making your own presets with this update.

Provided the developers much more time to work on the revamps in the expansion and the update, which indicated more testing and feedback from testers to have a more polished update. 

Also currently on the PTS is level 80 game scaling, the brand new Legendary items system, and the Elom Flashpoint in Veteran Mode. 

For more info on this brand new PTS update, you can take a look at the full announcement here on SWTOR’s official website. 

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