Star Wars The Old Republic Echoes Of Oblivion Released


Star Wars The Old Republic Echoes Of Oblivion Released.

MMOBEEP found out that Star Wars: The Old Republic players can start investigating what Valkorion will do next. The game’s official Twitter account has also confirmed that Update 6.2 Echoes Of Oblivion was released Wednesday, December 9th, this update will also bring a bunch of brand-new features such as a new storyline, a unique Flashpoint, daily login rewards, and an emote interface.

This month of December overall looks like very a busy time for SWTOR due to a bunch of returning events like an ongoing Pirate Incursion, Rakghoul Resurgence on Tatooine, Life Day, and the game’s ninth anniversary happening on December 15th, and also an “All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally” on December 22nd.

Also, in unrelated SWTOR news, the game just got a brand-new community manager. Her name is Jackie, aka GeekyFriedRice on Twitch. The new CM just made her first official forum post just recently. She promised that she would understand, interact with, and nurture the game’s community and asks players to share some of their funniest moments in-game.

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