Star Trek Online Legendary Anniversary Pack causes a flood of resentment from players

Star Trek Online Legendary Anniversary Pack

Star Trek Online Legendary Anniversary Pack causes a flood of resentment from players.

MMOBEEP heard that Star Trek Online has released a new Star Trek Online Legendary Anniversary Pack to commemorate the game’s 11th year of operation. The reaction from players to this new bundle, however, has not been precisely welcoming. 

The game’s official Reddit is the epicenter of the firestorm, with several players decrying a perceived lack of value compared with the 10th-anniversary bundle. “Cryptic chooses to dump this marked-up pile of four ships and lots of needless frills into our collective laps? Is this a joke?” reads one post. “You(Cryptic) had the chance to have this whole ‘Year of Klingon’ thing go down in STO history as something really great,” opines another post. “The big KDF legendary bundle would have been the ultimate finisher. Instead, we’re getting a whimper.”

Other complaints with the bundle include the fact that two Federation ships are included in a Klingon bundle and a concern that the pile could endanger future KDF legendary ships’ release. There’s also, of course, a referential meme response and a simple angrily titled post.

With that said, at least one Redditor has put up some kudos to the dev team for what they perceive to be otherwise important updates to STO on the whole. “I know that with the earlier announcement of the new anniversary legendary bundle, you guys have been strapped down under a heat lamp,” begins the post, “but I wanted to take a moment to thank y’all for what has been a mostly well-received anniversary event.

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