Star Trek Online House Shattered update released on PS4 and forced to roll back on Xbox One


MMOBEEP would like to notify you that the Star Trek Online House Shattered update is now live for console players.

Nevertheless, it seems like things have gone badly for the Xbox One release, making the devs delay it to a point before the update’s appearance.

It started yesterday with reports of login issues that intensified from working with Microsoft to announcing the rollback plans. The devs worked through the night to bring STO to a playable state for Xbox fans, and as of 4:00 a.m. EST, the rollback was completed.

An update on when Star Trek Online House Shattered will return for Xbox One hasn’t been determined yet, but the news will be shared as soon as it’s available. Anyway, for PS4 players, the update delivers all of the expected goodies: the newest episode of the Klingon War story, a new five-player Task Force Operation inspired by Star Trek: Picard, an Experimental Upgrade system that allows players add a Device Slot, a Console Slot, and a new Trait Slot to their preferred T5-U or T6 ships, and a revise of some Warzone Klingon story arc missions.

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