Star Citizen Squadron 42 Roadmap Newly Released


Star Citizen Squadron 42 Roadmap Newly Released.

MMOBEEP has just recently found out that the studio behind Star Citizen has just recently published a new roadmap for Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

But this Star Citizen Squadron 42 Roadmap is different from specifying the updates in development like their usual Roadmap Roundups. The post also explains how to use the roadmap. There are also two Views in the roadmap called the Progress Tracker View and the Release View. Progress Tracker is made to show the community what the team is developing per quarter along with their priorities.

They also said that the roadmap still doesn’t have the Core Tech Group, which includes the nine teams working on Cache and Server Meshing and AI, Network, Graphics, and Engine.

Meanwhile, the Release View shows the upcoming features for the midterm of development. These also have some stuff that can be quite challenging to predict. The team plans on updating the roadmaps every week.

The post is quite long, and you may do so here if you want to read it yourself.

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