Star Citizen Previews New Vehicle-based Mining Tools And Big New Caves Coming In Patch 3.13


Star Citizen Previews New Vehicle-based Mining Tools And Big New Caves Coming In Patch 3.13. 

MMOBEEP found out that the Star Citizen team will be making six brand new cave passages coming in alpha 3.13 that are being designed explicitly for spaceships and vehicles to drive around with.

But this video doesn’t only have some holes in the ground as the video details how it uses brand new lighting tech and how these cave systems are meant for exploration while also possessing areas for players to have cool fights with each other.

The second half of the video gives us a look at a brand new layer being applied to vehicle-based digging with the video introducing components. These accessories work similarly to mining buffs, applying permanent mining laser adjustments less powerful than mining consumables. Mining components and mining consumables can even be simultaneous, letting Star Citizen miners increase their mining efforts even more. Also, the mining UI has been changed to implement better information on what mining laser effects are active.

Once mining components go live, the team plans to launch mining gadgets, which players can manually attach to rocks to reduce their resistance. This does need players to exit their ship, leaving it exposed to attack.

The video doesn’t give an ETA when mining components go release, but it is a conceivably interesting new aspect of the game’s mining aspect.

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