Star Citizen describes the month ahead and discusses radar changes.


Star Citizen describes the month ahead and discusses radar changes.

MMOBEEP found out that May has brought some events and updates for Star Citizen, based on an outline posted on the game’s website. While the remainder of May, the referral program will highlight an AMA about the game, the popular Invictus Launch Week event, patch 3.13.1, and an update from game director Tony Zurovec about the Quantum background simulations development.

This month, the devs answered various player questions regarding the updates to radar and scanning accorded in this week’s Inside Star Citizen. A few sneak peeks in the broadcast, such as:

  • Characters will receive some smaller-scale scanning features later on. 
  • Smaller ship scanners won’t be as sturdy as the bigger ones.
  • Scanning can concentrate on things like mining or harvestable.
  • Patch 3.14 will allow multi-crew players to scan areas at a station and cut findings with the crew
  • Chance of players being capable of customizing what information scanner HUDs present in the future.

Lastly, a Star Citizen fan named Space Tomato put together a retrospective video that conveys the game’s development to this day and suggests some systematic opinions on where the game is going and how the project is being maintained. It’s an insightful and impartial look at the game.

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