Star Citizen Assault On Stanton First Server-Wide Dynamic Event Finally Starts

Star Citizen Assault On Stanton

Star Citizen Assault On Stanton First Server-Wide Dynamic Event Finally Starts. 

MMOBEEP found out that Star Citizen has finally launched its first server-wide dynamic event dubbed “Assault on Stanton” after being delayed. Throughout the multi-part event, players will combine forces with the UEE Navy to fight the terrorist group known as XenoThreat in massive space battles facing terrorist capital ships.

“Unmatched in size, scope, and scale for any prior event in Star Citizen to-date, the ‘Assault on Stanton’ Dynamic Event features multiple phases scheduled to play out over multiple days as pilots band together and rally to the defense of the Stanton System.”

Star Citizen Assault on Stanton Phase 1 will last from 24-48 hours and will quest players to provide firepower and assistance versus the upcoming terrorist threat. In Phase 2, players will recover cargo from destroyed supply convoys while giving combat support upon attacks by Xenothreat. You can take a look at the Assault on Stanton official trailer below. Extra information can also be found on the Star Citizen official site.

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