Star Citizen Alpha Showcases New Mission Types And Spawn Closets


Star Citizen Alpha Showcases New Mission Types And Spawn Closets.

MMOBEEP found out that the upcoming Star Citizen update is currently in development. Recently, Cloud Imperium has shared some brand new info on what will be added in Alpha 15, consisting of spawn closets and a list of brand new mission varieties and dilemmas.

First are spawn closets, a brand new feature that will act as containers where NPCs will spawn and despawn. Entering/exiting a room or an elevator will help immerse players more instead of having NPCs generated out of nowhere. They’ll be placed underground and will be expanded on later. 

It’s also possible to change the position of the closet spawns, so I should help make things more replayable, but it will also help players strategize better before a mission.

Also, there will be some brand new missions that will be utilizing the closet spawn’s capability. These  brand new mission types include:

  • Dangerous Collect: players have to explore a friendly facility for crates utilizing the data found in their mobiGlas. During the mission, minor enemy attacks can happen, which players can decide to ignore or help the facility’s workers resist.
  • Eliminate Specific: Orders players to eliminate a proposed target.
  • Defend: Players support friendly NPCs in protecting a facility from various swarms of enemies. Players can also obtain a bonus for every friendly NPC that perseveres to the end of the mission.
  • Eliminate Boss: Players are ordered to kill a heavily shielded target, who only appears after killing some of his crew members.
  • Steal: Players go into hostile territory to find and seize certain items which are safeguarded by hostiles.
  • Eliminate All: Players have to eliminate all enemy NPCs at a particular position.

Each mission also has its modifiers and challenges that change the scope of the mission.

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