Square Enix Forspoken Is Coming In 2022


Square Enix Forspoken Is Coming In 2022. 

MMOBEEP found out that during yesterday’s Spring 2021 Showcase, Square Enix gave us a sneak peek of Project Athia, revealing the lead actor playing the mocap and voice acting for Frey, the official title of the forthcoming game. Project Athia has initially revealed that the game will be called Forspoken and will be releasing in 2022.

Announced last June during PlayStation’s “The Future of Gaming” showcase, Forspoken is being developed by the Luminous Productions team. Not much is still understood about what exactly Forspoken is, but the gameplay trailer sees the main character, Frey Holland, zipping throughout the air.

Played by Ella Balinska, the reveal at the end shows a tiny glimpse of Square Enix Forspoken action, with Frey and an unnamed comrade escaping the clutches of a giant dragon. We still don’t know what exactly Forspoken will be about, though Square Enix is advertising it as a “narrative-driven adventure set in a wonderful yet cruel world.” Frey reveals her ability to just easily cross the world as flashy as humanly desirable while also using her magical powers to take out enemies in her path.

Forspoken will be ready in 2022 for both PC and the PlayStation 5. take a look at the full trailer listed down below.

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