Smite Adds Funny Gummy Worm Medusa And Loki Rework This Halloween

Smite Adds Funny Gummy Worm Medusa And Loki Rework This Halloween

MMOBEEP found out that Halloween is currently being celebrated by SMITE, an update that contains a rework of Loki had been launched just yesterday.

“We focused on preserving the stealth Assassin feels his kit evoked but removed many of the frustrations surrounding him,” devs mentioned. “Enemies should feel more in control when fighting against a Loki, having options to counter his incoming damage with a larger window to react. Loki mains should, however, find an array of new abilities to use when it comes to juggling and team fighting.”

Perhaps more appropriate for Halloween is adding many new skins, including a Pumpkin Spice Discordia, a Gummy Worm Medusa, and a Vampiress Amaterasu, and a which sounds weird looking and cool at the same time. The update has also introduced a ton of LGBT flag avatars in honor of LGBT History Month and has also introduced the classic Joust game mode. There are a few bug fixes and item adjustments as well.

In SMITE-related news, Hi-Rez has announced that the Hi-Rez Expo 2021 and the esports world championships will take place digitally, with the esports competitions taking place between January 4th until January 10th. The expo’s showcase is broadcasting on January 7th, along with some online panels and a digital cosplay contest.

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