Shroud Of The Avatar Update The Functionality Of Player Owned Town Signposts

Shroud Of The Avatar Update The Functionality Of Player Owned Town Signposts. 

MMOBEEP heard that Shroud of the Avatar’s most recent community update was the functionality of player-owned town signposts.

Some extra functions include the fact that any player who tries to enter such a signpost will see all the available destinations. This allows you to travel to any area marked with such signposts. It does not appear like there’s any limit on the number of signposts a town can use.

Custom names for signposts that you can right-click on a signpost and rename it. You can also position the signpost as a decoration for the town. Custom-made colors are allowed, permitting you to designate primary, as well as second color shades, are allowed.

The community update also touches on what’s brand-new in the vault, August login rewards, the continuation of Double XP, the recent team live streams, and even the incoming events. You can get all that as well as extra on the official community update here.

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