Shroud Of The Avatar Sneak Peek Of The Well Of Aldur Episode 2

Shroud Of The Avatar Sneak Peek Of The Well Of Aldur Episode 2.  

MMOBEEP heard that the Shroud of the Avatar team has revealed a sneak peek of the Well of Aldur in their most recent community update.

Simply put, the Well of Aldur is a new Adventure scene for Episode 2 access holders. It’s set to include a ton of quests which are said to be “difficult” Nevertheless, do note that it’s still in the early phases of design. They offered a picture (featured above) as a little top into what the total layout may be.

The team has also shown a bit of Lore,

“High above the mountain peaks of Mistrendur floats the crumbling remains of a civilization whose origins are lost to time. Only the greatest adventurers will decipher the secrets, survive the threats, and discover the true nature of the Well of Aldur.”

Parkour will be added in addition to many other challenges. Be sure to stay tuned as the team talks about the Well of Aldur. The rest of the community update will be discussed on a Q&A live stream including, new store additions, September log in rewards, and more.

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