Shroud Of The Avatar Previews Players Town Teleporters And New Building Block Types.

Shroud Of The Avatar Previews Players Town Teleporters And New Building Block Types.

MMOBEEP has heard that Release 80 is currently live in Shroud of the Avatar and also with it are brand-new methods for players to teleport in between player-created communities. The teleporter items that were shown previously are currently in-game, with a variety of stuff that can function as a way.

With this new update, coupons can no more be used for brand-new items that are used for making a player-owned community. Yet, players can still ask for affiliations to NPC communities, making use of service vouchers until the NPC community teleporters appear. Transportation between player-created cities, from the wagon to hot air balloons to ships to road signs.

As for the future of the game, players can anticipate a variety of brand-new building materials including white and also black marble, two kinds of granite, rough and refined wood, and iron. These brand-new blocks will be found in the same 110-packs and size variants as previous block sets. Also, no more restrictions to just residential or commercial property decor, indicating all block collections will be permitted as Player-Owned Town designs going forward.

The Avatar Update posts state that a free potted sunflower will be given for those who log in to the game.

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