Shroud of the Avatar new community events added


Shroud of the Avatar new community events added.

MMOBEEP found out that Shroud of the Avatar, love of community events continues. With this week’s Avatar’s Update, there are several notable things to point out. Mainly since the rest of the newsletter consists of much of the same features as previous weeks.

Definitely, Catnip Games will be entertaining two new Shroud of the Avatar new community events: A monthly screenshot and video contest. They will allow winning player-owned town deeds and monthly rare item bounties that task players with finding a rare drop from a PvP scene and a PvE scene.

Related to said monthly events, SOTA’s currently ongoing fishing tourney event will also be moving to a monthly format, increasing the number of scenes these tourneys take place and adjustments to prizes. Weekly fishing tourneys will still be introduced when Release 87 goes live on February 25th.

In a different SOTA news, Catnip declared today that it’s “going to pass on moving to Unity 2019.”

“Based on numerous Unity forum reports and now our own testing, 2019 is significantly (20-40%) slower than 2018. Huge fail. :/ The same threads show that early versions of 2020 are much closer to 2018 in performance at 10% slower. Only a few players were facing improvements in 2019, the big one being possibly some reduced hitching. Most of the improvements were developer facing only. So after this fun 40+ hours of work to get us working on 2019, I’ve decided to keep us in 2018 until 2020 is more stable. I just can’t justify a 20-40% frame rate hit for players for an improved dev experience. 2020 currently has better performance than 2019 and more player-facing improvements as well. Once it is further along, we’ll try and move to 2020. Yes, I know it is 2021 but…Unity. :/”

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