Shroud Of The Avatar Adding Inter-Town Travel

Shroud Of The Avatar Adding Inter-Town Travel. 

MMOBEEP found out that the new advanced type of town travel in Shroud of Avatar was shown in this week’s newsletter, which details exactly how these player-owned town teleporters function. Player town governors or guardians can just right-click on the teleporter, pick the “change Destination” choice, and also pick up a filterable listing of existing player-owned communities.

As soon as the location is set, various other players can just use the teleporter as well as load into the selected place.

Not only do these town things have unlimited range, however, but the location can also be transformed as frequently as governors or stewards like. The teleporter can additionally be openly positioned throughout a player town as long as there is decoration space available. Also, in the future, players will undoubtedly be able to alter the teleporter’s appearance from a covered wagon to a watercraft, a balloon, or a hatch. There are additional plans for teleport-capable signposts and also heraldry.

Even more details on Release 80’s features are on hold, as is a release date for the update. In the meantime, players can, at the very least, recognize that traveling innovation is improving quickly.

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