Shroud of Avatar New Patch Brings Adjustments To Butchery, Artifacts Salvage, And Combat


Shroud of Avatar New Patch Brings Adjustments To Butchery, Artifacts Salvage, And Combat.

MMOBEEP found that some stuff will be adjusted in Shroud of the Avatar due to the game still developing.

This week’s update newsletter has many aspects about what’s improving, from butchery to artifact salvage to combat.

People playing as a butcher will be getting a more exciting animal processing recipe that will be replacing old meat recipes and more animal-appropriate icons for these recipes. 

While artifacts made at crafting tables will be getting much better bonuses, including Ancient Essences and a pattern that can change the appearance of gear on some occasions, and speaking of crafting, there are some new bone pile cosmetics and framed maps that can be crafted.

Although some updates will increase XP for high-level elementals, elemental bosses, and daemons, it will also adjust monster resistance to Mesmerize.

A ton of economic and item changes related to foal tamed horse turn-ins, Conversationalists, and decoration enhancements, among various other things, are on the way on Shroud of Avatar New Patch. There’s more information in the Avatar’s Update.

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