Shadow Arena Venslar Returns As A Support Hero


Shadow Arena Venslar Returns As A Support Hero.

MMOBEEP found out that earlier this month, Shadow Arena shifted their focus from battle royale to team-based trio matches. Pearl Abyss has decided to revamp specific heroes to tie in with the new gameplay features and hero roles in line with this. One of these heroes who are being revamped is Venslar the Holy Knight, a last offensive hero who will now be returning to the game as a support hero.

“The all-new Venslar will make players more strategic by supporting their allies while attacking enemies. [. . .] Her new skillset will enable players to increase DP of themselves as well as allies, recover allies’ HP, and increase Attack Speed and Movement Speed.”

Shadow Arena Venslar has a bizarre ability to transition within the attack, and defense stances will remain, which will allow her to quickly switch from blocking attacks while defending her allies to chasing down fleeing enemy heroes.

Aside from the Venslar rework, the latest patch also introduces improvements to the Item Preset feature. Players can now purchase the desired Item instantly without visiting the in-game shop with a simple press of a hotkey. Players can also anticipate numerous bug fixes and quality-of-life enhancements. The full patch announcements can be located on the Shadow Arena Steam Community page.

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