Sega Revealed Plans To Release Six Years Of Content to Phantasy Star Online 2 NA

Sega revealed plans to release six years of content to Phantasy Star Online 2 NA.

Also, MMOBEEP found out just recently that Episode 4, the most significant content published on Phantasy Star Online 2 for North America, as of this moment, was on its way, more precisely in August. However, that’s not all of the content updates they prepared for the game. It seems that the company intends to launch three more episodes by the end of the year. These episodes are and add to the three that were released at launch, bringing the video game to a total amount of 6 chapters by the end of 2020.

According to a road map that was published on the PSO2 site, Episodes 4 and also five will be released in Q3, while Episode 6 part 1 sometimes in Q4. Each brand-new episode will undoubtedly include new narrative content, critical quests, and also a level cap raise.

Following the roadmap, Sega plans to bring the North American version of up with the Japanese version of the game to make sure that updates will become synchronized. Naturally, this won’t happen fully until at least 2021, and it’s subject to change.

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