SEGA Continues to fix Phantasy Star Online 2 launch problems

MMOBEEP has some news about Phantasy Star Online 2 made by Sega.

Phantasy Star Online 2’s PC launch had multiple issues for everybody, some people being entirely unable to enter into the game. SEGA is fixing the issue, and also have apologized to players using social media sites. In a tweet published last night, SEGA pointed that they’re “paying attention” to player remarks and are collaborating with Microsoft to get stuff worked out.

In the meantime, the group who developed pso2tweaker for the Japanese version posted on Twitter that they’ve come up with a way for those trying to start the game on PC in the United States And Canada. They have actually discovered a method for players to patch as well as play the game without having to meddle with the authorizations and also other settings. Apparently it works. The group has actually confirmed that issues being brought on by installing the game on any drive where Windows is not installed. Those interested in giving this fix a try can read more about it on Reddit.

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