Sea of Thieves Revamps the Sandbox, Bringing in More Opportunities for Players, and New Rewards in Season Nine

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Revamps the Sandbox, Bringing in More Opportunities for Players, and New Rewards in Season Nine.

MMOBEEP discovered that Sea of Thieves Season Nine would start with the brand-new update. Accordingly, the team has published a Brand-new deep dive into what we can hope to see from the Brand-new season: a reassessment, modifications, and Brand-new additions. This season is one for changes, modifications, and possibilities. So what will this mean?

The Chest of Fortune will be in the vault in the Fort of Fortune for now. Inherently, this will be netting you alot of treasure and gold, but it will also start off a Brand-new system of named Commendations of Fortune which will let you finally let you buy parts of the Fates of Fortune ship set. Over time, they intend to open more pieces of the set, as the commendations will get more rewards, to earn. In addition, up to half of the Brand-new cosmetics will be linked into the Chest of Fortune.

The Reaper’s Bounty Chest and Reaper’s Chest will also be returning. The beacon on the Reaper’s Bounty Chest will be on forever, revealing where you are to all the players in the lobby. So gather enough of these chests, and you’ll be capable of earning alot more cosmetics.

World events are also revamped, this time in a more scaling state that will allow smaller crews to compete. This is planned to make these events feel more fast-paced and entertaining at any group size. Also coming back is the naval world event, Ghost Ship battle, except Flameheart this time. 

And various tweaks make it feasible to appreciate the game nevertheless of how many people you’re in a party with if you’re playing solo. This comprises of some events that may have been unimaginable before.

Concerning the quality of life updates, advancements in the Brand-new season comprising of brand-new volume sliders, mislaid Red Sea treasure respawns, small balances to the Season 8 PvP factions, and the capability to sell items straight from collector’s chests.  

Head to Sea of Thieves for more.

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