Sea of Thieves Fifth Anniversary Celebration Adds In Brand-New Challenges, Free Items, as well as a Documentary sometime in March

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Fifth Anniversary Celebration Adds In Brand-New Challenges, Free Items, as well as a Documentary sometime in March.

MMOBEEP found out that with it being anniversary time in Sea of Thieves. Brand-new loot, challenges, activities, and celebrations will appear throughout March.

First up is the Marauder’s Medley event, which will continue until March 16th. Throughout this event, five challenges endure for 48 hours each. Each challenge will honor a year in the history of Sea of Thieves with unique anniversary-themed rewards. Accomplish any goal, and you’ll get the Brand-new Fabulous Five eyepatch with different cosmetics from anniversaries past. In addition, this is your opportunity to get items like the Golden Sailor Wheel, X Marks the Spot Eye of Reach, and gold and Renown.

After that event, beginning on March 17th, a special themed sale including items to praise older Rare games and Sea of Thieves 2021 partnership with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

Also, starting on the 17th, log in from then and March 22nd for a unique presence in your ship customization chest: the Lustrous Legend Figurehead. Then, go to the Emporium for a free Brand-new emote, Down the Hatch. There will also be a fifth-anniversary picture wall at the Brand-New Golden Sands Outpost beginning March 20th.

Rare will dispatch additional special updates and events. First, Twitch Drops will be open to streamers to hand out for watching Sea of Thieves. There will be a Community Weekend this month, not just the typical community day. From March 25-27th, This special weekend will offer anyone amazing treats, the latest event flag, a Brand-new emote, Baker’s Barrel Disguise, and a complimentary Pirate Legend Voyage. 

The team will also observe the day of the Sea of Thieves anniversary on March 20th with the release of a documentary film, Sea of Thieves: Voyage of a Lifetime. The documentary reminisces on the game’s development and how things have evolved and changed.

Learn more about the anniversary events over at Sea of Thieves.

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