Scavengers Early Access Starting April 28th


Scavengers Early Access Starting April 28th.

MMOBEEP found out that Midwinter Entertainment informed players that when the Scavengers servers are up next time, they are planned to remain live, expertly rolling everyone into Early Access. At the time, the developers stated that the Early Access would start sometime in “late April” but didn’t present a specific date. Today, we finally have the date.

On April 28, Early Access will begin.

The dev team operates with the Twitch community to give brand new players access via Twitch Drops to get things going. Watch Scavenger streamers and obtain a key drop.

While Early Access starts on the 28th, this does not inevitably mean it will be ready on Consoles at the moment. The devs said in their earlier announcement that they’d let players learn about console introduction at a later point. The Early Access update will highlight many updates based on player responses from the testing sessions when it drops. These involve making the game more relaxed for new players to jump into, anti-cheat boundaries, and technological fixes.

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