Scavengers Battle Royale PvPvE Game Is Now Live In Early Access On Steam And Twitch Drops


Scavengers Battle Royale PvPvE Game Is Now Live In Early Access On Steam And Twitch Drops.

MMOBEEP found out that Scavengers, a battle royale game that sinks toward the PVP and the PVE components of gaming, has recently launched into Early Access.

Scavenger is a squad and class-based battle royale type game. Players do not just fight each other but also have to overcome the toxic environment. The game also has some survival features, world bosses, and more creatures to fight.

Scavengers have recently hit early access today, releasing into early access with the game itself on Twitch, hitting over 100K viewers earlier across various streams. As of now, the viewer count has dropped a bit.

Scavengers were commemorating their release yesterday with Twitch Drops. Granting players an added reason to check out the game in early access, consisting of Steam keys for the game if you’ve viewed 30 minutes of a Livestream and have your Twitch account connected to a Remote account.

Those interested in checking out the Scavengers Battle Royale early access know that the team is scheduling progression wipes during the time leading up to its full launch. Scavengers also possess some handy player guides to get people up to speed. 

You can take a look at the full details, as well as for guidance on how to get the Twitch drops on the official Steam page, or you may watch the vids embed below. 

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