BitCraft, The New Sandbox MMO Begins Its Pre-Alpha Testing, The Invites Will Be Sent In Waves


BitCraft, The New Sandbox MMO Begins Its Pre-Alpha Testing, The Invites Will Be Sent In Waves.

MMOBEEP found that BitCraft’s pre-alpha testing had started. It’s time for fans of the game to take a peek at what’s been done so far, and this test is said to stay for several months. After that, clockwork Labs will start small and give out invites as they make adjustments based on feedback.

If you still want to try out the sandbox MMO, you can still join the pre-alpha on their website. The devs state that their primary focus is to get a base group of players and get their first impressions and feedback but plan to develop this over the life of the test as they receive the wanted data. They also want feedback on how mechanics work with actual players and in a controlled setting. 

Since this is pre-alpha, it will be quite buggy. That’s why they announced the test to start small and get feedback on the current build, and there should be essential additions arriving in the future. Unfortunately, the small pre-alpha will have an NDA, but they ensure that future alpha periods will be more open.

As a sandbox MMO in one substantial massive world that everyone can put a mark on and permanently alter, BitCraft encourages their social features and player choices, so these first assortments of testers have the opportunity to change the world that others will join in at a later time. The game will allow you to adventure, do some crafting, market, farm, and level up. You’ll also have to make various decisions based on your part in the world, however. With permanent alteration always a wearing factor, social and strategic choices will change the world, with city architecture and building empires.

For more details, you can take a look at the official BitCraft site.

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