RuneScape Steam Launch Celebration And Free Items Give Away

RuneScape Steam Launch Celebration And Free Items Give Away.

Do you like in-game items? Do you play RuneScape? Well, you’re in luck because this month, the game’s weekly newsletter has stated that a bunch of FREE items will be coming soon. MMOBEEP found out that to celebrate the RuneScape Steam launch, Jagex is marking this celebration by handing out free Steam Valve goodie bags, which promises to be stuffed with “all sorts of surprises,” including a Commemorative Steam Valve. Players need to claim the reward between October 14th and November 14th and be at least level 100, and have completed the Burthorpe path.

The second free item is four additional action bars for all players who claim it. Whether they’re free-to-play players or not, it’s permanent. The use of the extra action bars on the cash shop is part of Jagex’s re-structuring its premium offerings to make sure value is right. Players will be able to get their free action bars starting on October 26th via Solomon’s General Store.

As for this week’s update, the Ninjas have struck the Clue Scrolls with new titles, new rewards, and a bunch of enhancements to the Clue Scroll steps, among other things. Finally, the devs had a Livestream all about the upcoming Orthean Archaeology dig site Today, October 13th.

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