Runescape Orthien New Dig Site Released In The New Update


Runescape Orthien, New Dig Site, Released In The New Update.

MMOBEEP heard that on October 19th, RuneScape had launched a new update, unlocking the Runescape Orthien dig site up for players to explore. This new is based on Anachronia and will help players trying to get between Archaeology levels 90 and 120.

It is split up into ten small locations dispersed all over the island map, with the Crypt of Varanus’s being the first area. These places vary in level and offer 22 new artifacts and five new material, with there also eight new mysteries for players to solve.

 To explore the new dig site, players will have to get level 90 in Archaeology. They’ll also need to have finished the quest “Desperate Measures” if they want to stroll through some of the later areas easily.

The new dig site’s release is a unique community event in which players will be digging up old dinosaur pieces to contribute to the paleontological project. Those who participate will receive a 25% XP buff for several quests, dungeons, etc., including Excavations and the Anachronia Agility Course. Full details on the event and the new site are currently available in the patch notes.

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