RuneScape Livestream shares update plans for 2021


RuneScape Livestream shares update plans for 2021.

MMOBEEP found out that RuneScape offered some rough plans to develop the MMORPG via a Livestream.

Major updates outlined include “Pi-mas,” which effectively are combat quality-of-life modifications made by Mod Pi arriving in “one big chunk” sometime soon.

An anniversary of the Ninjas and player poll-winning Activity Pet updates in February; and plans to publish a multi-part questline, the build-up to the next God Wars that incidentally will last months and not days, and release the mobile version of the MMORPG later this year. 

2021 will be full of events as well, with Minigame Week starting January 18th, Skilling Week and free Bank Present arriving on January 25th, quality-of-life changes to the Rare Token Shop, four Double XP weekends, four Yak Tracks, and annual events for Valentine’s Day in February, Easter in April, and Halloween in October.

As for the studio itself, Jagex is looking to expand its team, improve the game client’s performance with specific notice paid to the Mac side of stuff. Also, get RuneScape Mobile out of the door, all while ensuring the team manages workflow carefully due to work from home stresses. There’s also some Q&A to convey in the RuneScape Livestream and a short word on improving Ironman consistency. It’s all in the embed beneath or in this Reddit.

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