RuneScape Glacor Front Open While Starting A Month-long Lucky Dip Event


RuneScape Glacor Front Open While Starting A Month-long Lucky Dip Event.

MMOBEEP found that this week’s RuneScape update has added the next part of the Elder God Wars dungeon, where players will fighting against the frigid Wen’s army and the grindable Arch-Glacor boss. In addition, the dungeon has several adaptable features to allow players to customize their run’s level of challenge. 

Going against a giant frost monster means rewards to obtain, so the Glacor Front will. In addition, of course, there will be a diverse amount of goodies like tier 85 melee dual wield weapons that can be improved to tier 95, cosmetic accessories, a boss pet, and a Wen god book.

Regarding rewards, this week’s patch also starts Leonard’s Lucky Dip. An event defined as the spiritual heir to Balthazar’s Big Raffle. During September, players can obtain tickets for doing their daily tasks, which can then be turned in to Leonard in Burthorpe for fantastic items. Other changes in this patch consist of:

  • More major Senntisten Archaeology fixes.
  • A balancing of the Gloves of Passage.
  • A bunch of other fixes.
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