RuneScape Elder God Wars Opens Up The Tzekhaar Front


RuneScape Elder God Wars Opens Up The Tzekhaar Front.


MMOBEEP found that the newest front in RuneScape‘s Elder God Wars is now open to all those willing to enter. The Tzekhaar Front pits players upon a new race that makes up the Elder God Ful growing force. The final encounter is with the large General TzKal-Zuk. 

However, if you are looking for a challenge, you can up the difficulty and get some better rewards in the process. And now you’re probably thinking what could be worth getting for fighting TzKal-Zuk on a harder difficulty. What you can get from this new encounter are four variants of a best-in-slot cape, a brand new magic skill, a pet and boss cosmetics, a Ful God book, and TzKal-Zuk’s two-handed sword. 

The Tzekhaar Front is currently open to every RuneScape player on PC, Android, and iOS. Take a look at the RuneScape site for more info.

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