Responding To Player Demands Neverwinter Announced Strategies To Enhance Scaling System

MMOBEEP heard that in response to players’ demands, the Neverwinter dev group has announced strategies to enhance the game’s scaling system. According to a new blog post, one of the huge demands from players is to have the scaling become corresponding to player’s stats so stats are adjusted as required in relation to whatever content they’re trying to finish at the time. This supposedly suggests that the system needs to check even more variables before scaling than they do presently.

Currently, the system only looks at the map’s optimum item level and also caps items at those levels, generating a drop in gamer stats. In the brand-new system which is still being worked on, the devs plan to have the system take a look at the gamer’s items level, along with the optimum item level for the map and also compare the two prior to making any type of adjustments.

There are already issues with the system. As the message explains, two players with the same item might already behave in different ways and that will certainly will be noticed after scaling. The devs do, nevertheless, feel the new system will certainly provide a better experience to players in general.

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