Remnant From The Ashes Final DLC ‘Subject 2923’ Will Be Released This August

Remnant From The Ashes Final DLC ‘Subject 2923’ Will Be Released This August. 

MMOBEEP heard that Perfect World Entertainment and Gunfire Games have just revealed the release date for the last DLC for their co-op survival shooter, Remnant: From the Ashes. The upcoming DLC, called Subject 2923, will certainly wrap up the game’s post-apocalyptic story and will be on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 20th.

Subject 2923, which the Devs refer to as their most expansive DLC to date, will feature a brand-new campaign that features two brand-new areas, brand-new quest, and brand-new bosses. The DLC will also feature new weapons, armor kits, trinkets, and much more.

“In a brand new campaign mode, players will discover the origins of the Dreamer Program and its connection to the Root. Following the downfall of the Dreamer, the streets have grown quieter, and more humans are braving the city. Hope has been rekindled, but Earth is not rid of the Root just yet. As players seek out the location of the remaining Root, they will meet unexpected allies, traverse unfamiliar zones and dimensions and overcome new threats to put an end to this evil force, once and for all.”

The DLC will be $9.99. For those that do not have the game yet, they will be able to buy the game including all the DLCs for $49.99 on August 20th.

You can take a look at Ward Prime, one of the brand-new locations coming to the game, in the video below.

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