Ramen VR Release New Zenith  New Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Ramen VR Release New Zenith  New Alpha Gameplay Trailer.  

MMOBEEP heard that Ramen VR continues to deal with Zenith in preparation for the VR MMO’s upcoming Alpha test. The workshop aspires to provide fans preference for what’s ahead with a new Alpha gameplay trailer.

The trailer shows off some of the game’s new settings, updated visuals, battle, climbing up, and also the brand-new and enhanced UI. Ramen VR co-founder Andy Tsen claims that the current gameplay video footage represents less than 20% of what the video game’s Alpha build as well as guarantees to show off more in the coming weeks or months.

Unfortunately, there’s still no specific release date for the Alpha test; however, you can now wishlist the game on steam if you’re interested. You can also make your way over to the Zenith Kickstarter page for even more details. The brand-new trailer is right down below.

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