Punishing Gray Raven Japanese ARPG Launching On iOS And Android This Summer For The Western Audience


Punishing Gray Raven Japanese ARPG Launching On iOS And Android This Summer For The Western Audience.

MMOBEEP found out that Punishing: Gray Raven, the Japanese cyberpunk action RPG, is coming to the US, EU SE Asia market on iOS and Android this summer. Considering the game was published in Japan and China last year, this will be the first time western markets will have the chance to see it.

The action RPG is set to highlight a combination of action melee with RPG mechanics.

The cyberpunk style comes in the form of various heroes, an electric soundtrack, and more. The game will be free to play when it is released on western markets.

The press announcement shares some extra features for Punishing: Gray Raven, which include:

  • Encounter a dark cyberpunk story of humanity’s endless war to restore a ruined Earth.
  • Thrilling sci-fi melee action. Dodge, parry & tag between heroes to prolong combos.
  • Gorgeous 3D graphics with razor-sharp dark cyberpunk anime fashion.
  • A chart-topping hit in China and Japan, lastly playable in English.
  • Epic and exciting boss battles against rogue androids, hulking mechs, and more.
  • Obtain and unlock a squad of elite cyborgs, mobilize teams, and develop their skills.
  • Leap into the future and immerse yourself in the powerful electronic soundtrack.

If you’re curious about seeing the Punishing Gray Raven game in action, check out the video below:

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