Prelude Event And Haven Bound Expansion Is Already Available In EverQuest II

Prelude Event And Haven Bound Expansion Is Already Available In EverQuest II.  

MMOBEEP says that just in case you missed it, EverQuest II’s Haven Bound DLC has now been released.

With this brand new quests, five new repeatable Overseer quests, an event merchant with 23 new items, two mounts, and more. The overture event is readied to launch the following DLC. When it comes to a specific date, we’re not sure The group just stated that we’d hear about it soon.

Dafina Hujara, the GLEESH Merchant, will trade these items for a GLEESH Mark:

  • Barded Praesertum Pegasus
  • Seru Knight Thoroughbred 
  • Earthcrafter Smithing Hammer 
  • Bowl of Shade Spice 
  • Recuso Tor Hitching Post
  • Recuso Tor Water Trough
  • Wracklands Rock Wall Divider
  • Roughspun Leanto 
  • Traveling Merchant Cart
  • Pile of Chopped Wood
  • Dawnshroud Pine Corner Work Table
  • New Combine Grain Sack
  • Seru Arx Pectoris Rug 
  • Broken Dawnshroud Pine Crate
  • Destroyed Dawnshroud Pine Crate
  • Bazaar Rug of Profit 
  • Bazaar Rug of Acquisition 
  • Unlit Shissar Offering Brazier 
  • Unlit Shissar Ritual Brazier
  • Reishi Grazer Plushie 
  • Shissar Soulstalker Plushie
  • Burning Shadow Spark
  • Petamorph Wand: Aurelian Rockhopper

For more details about the intro, event clicks here.

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