PlanetSide 2’s incoming patch delivers map adjustments for low and high population situations


PlanetSide 2’s incoming patch delivers map adjustments for low and high population situations.

PlanetSide 2 has a large PTS patch incoming later this week, and the brand new player experience will be the main focus of the patch. In addition, the devs have already made a dev blog on what players can anticipate.

Prominently, the studio is revising the Koltyr map so that it’s only available when the number of players is low, placing players into one continent, though that will surely be rare. If the servers are enduring high numbers of players, the game will start an alert instead of waiting to do so.

 “When a new, large-scale continent unlocks, we’ll check server populations during the Unstable Warpgates process,” Daybreak says. “If the population is too low when Warpgates are stabilized, we’ll spin down that continent and unlock Koltyr instead. When populations are high enough on a particular continent (around the 800-player mark), we’ll immediately fire off an alert instead of leaving it up to the Empire Strength process. This will give communities of players a more tangible goal to work toward during ops night, instead of waiting multiple hours for an alert to fire off potentially. There’s a risk that continents may start rotating too quickly once this change goes live, as we’ve seen with some previous alert setups, but we’ll see how it plays out and make adjustments as necessary.”

DBG and Rogue Planet also do colorblind filters, suit slot balance, lighting updates, and implant changes. The patch should be releasing sometime this week.

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