Planetside 2 Expedition: Oshur Set To Arrive Next Month


Planetside 2 Expedition: Oshur Set To Arrive Next Month.

Planetside 2 has unveiled the upcoming major update coming to the game, which will be launched in December. This news came out from a recent blog post that unveiled the update.

This newest update is named Expedition: Oshur, and it’s said to be the first large-scale, water-based region added in seven years. Michael Henderson, the Lead Designer of PlanetSide 2 at Rogue Planet Games, gave more details in a post on what Oshur will add to PlanetSide 2,

“Rarely do we get to deliver players an entirely new combat space, and it’s been years since a playspace has been created at this scale. However, the team has done some amazing work bringing this to fruition, and I think our players are going to dig it.”

In Oshur, you’ll be to drive wheeled vehicles over the surface of the brand new continent. But the battle expands even to the ocean floor, where you can find infantry and treaded vehicles as well as submarine-like aircraft that can go in the ocean.

Oshur itself will be a crucial part of the two-part campaign. That campaign is scheduled to launch on PlanetSide 2’s ninth anniversary on November 17. The following chapter of the campaign will have head to Oshur in December when the brand new update releases.

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