PlanetSide 2 Containment Site Playtest Received A Lot Of Feedback From The Players


PlanetSide 2 Containment Site Playtest Received A Lot Of Feedback From The Players. 

The newest Containment Site playtest for Planetside 2 happened this past weekend, and the community has already given lots of feedback for the developers with positive and negative thoughts about several features.

If you didn’t know what this test was about, the Containment Site is a brand new facility part of Chapter 03 of the Shattered Warpgate campaign. In essence, it’s meant to contain multiple combat stages where you’ll have to work your way through the facility, going into the lower regions and managing various capture points.

Following the tests, forums received lots of feedback from the participants, and also, the team described the test and some other details for players who joined. 

Feedback involved some constructive items, in addition to some disappointments from the community. For example, some folks did not like the bases’ complexity, relating them to a maze to travel. Other people enjoyed the brand new base, the new towers, and destroyable door shields. Friendly fire was mentioned as a problem faced by some,

“Friendly Fire was a big problem as one would anticipate, lots of people sidestepping into your line of fire.”

If you can engage in these Planetside 2 Containment Site tests, make sure to present your feedback to the team. You can do so here. 

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