PlanetSide 2 Brings More Great Features And Improvements In The Shattered Warpgate Update

PlanetSide 2 Brings More Great Features And Improvements In The Shattered Warpgate Update

If you’re a PlanetSide 2 Fan, well we’ve got great news The Shattered Warpgate update has been launched now on PC, bringing with it a bunch of new features and gameplay enhancements.

The update is readied to launch for PS4 later this month. This update will introduce brand-new experiences the team is calling campaigns. Each campaign introduces major gameplay and ecological adjustments together with lore-driven goals that unfold across several phases. The First Campaign, The Ruined Warpgate, returns players back to the frigid expanse of the freshly remastered continent of Esamir, where they need to contend with the results from an environmental tragedy brought on by the detonation of one of the continent’s Warpgates.

Extra Important features presented in this are a revamp to Esamir, including reworked facilities, brand-new otherworldly flora, and skybox improvements, and a deadly Thunderstorm strolling the battleground. A brand-new day-to-day mission is readily available for day-to-day benefits.

New things like the Icepick melee, Havoc Rockets, and Condensate Grenades are currently available as campaign rewards or purchasable from the in-game Market. Social hub renovations include graphical upgrades and also the enhancement of cross-faction text chat.

Balancing is introduced where War Asset costs have been overhauled to better reward and suit Outfits who take part in base captures. Finally, some key locations on Indar have been remastered to improve the overall balance and combat flow on the continent.

You can watch the trailer for The Shattered Warpgate below:

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