Phantasy Star Online Bans Swiftly Over 10k RMT Accounts


Phantasy Star Online Bans Over 10k RMT Accounts.

MMOBEEP had found that 10,000 accounts got banned in Phantasy Star Online 2 in three weeks.

These bans happened on October 2 and October 14, as RMT (real money transfers) were going on, and they violated the terms and services. If you do not know what RMT is, it’s basically buying or selling game data (Meseta in PSO 2) with real cash from a bunch of external sites that have no relation with Sega.

The reports had started from September 25 till October 15, with 10,153 people reporting, with the total number of cases reaching 31,611. Permanent bans were started happening. The devs remind everyone that this is a somewhat illegal action and that to not sell or loan your account to another person.

“We would also like to note that there is the possibility of involvement in actual criminal activity through the purchase of Meseta from these RMT sites, e.g., cases where Meseta was stolen from another player through unauthorized access to their account. Due to this, we strongly warn players not to get involved with RMT.”

For more details on this situation,, you can check it out over here on their official website.

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