Phantasy Star Online 2 Introduces Space Battleship Yamato Scratch Ticket


Phantasy Star Online 2 Introduces Space Battleship Yamato Scratch Ticket. 

MMOBEEP found out that in Phantasy Star Online 2, there is a new AC Scratch Ticket inspired by Yamato named “Cosmo Fleet Heroes” can be purchased. The sale started yesterday, so you might wanna hurry.

While this Scratch Ticket is available, players will have a possibility to pick up Yamato uniform outfits, including the Captain uniform, uniforms for the Chief officers of distinct divisions, and fighter uniforms. There are also numerous amounts of casual outfits and a pretty absurd amount of accessories. The Yamato scratch tickets are available until March 17 and run 200 AC.

Also, starting February 17, Phantasy Star 2 Online Players can pick up the Episode Oracle Pack giving a chance at various cosmetics, accessories, and emotes all themed around Episode Oracle.

The pack will be available via Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the EGS for $16 and contains 10 Green ARKS Badges and a +200% EX Triboost. A shortlist of items that can be picked up at the Badge and Memory exchange shop is provided on the PSO2 site. Keep in mind that to see everything, you’ll have to really go to the store tomorrow and look.

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