Path Of Exile Xbox Servers Have Been RollBack While In Parallel PoE Runs Talent Contest

Path Of Exile Xbox Servers Have Been RollBack

Path Of Exile Xbox Servers Have Been RollBack While In Parallel PoE Runs Talent Contest. 

“a number of unintended behaviors” which negatively impacted the economy, forcing Path of Exile to delay the box servers due to that 

As explained in a forum post, corrupted code occurred in some currency orbs not functioning correctly, and rare reward drops and crafting results were happening at a too-high rate. GGG had thus rolled back the Path of Exile Xbox servers to a state before the 3.13.1 patch was launched, “as protecting the state of the in-game economy is of utmost importance.” Moving to the bright side, this simply wiped out around an hour’s worth of progress. Still, given how devoted PoE players can do in an hour, it presumably had a critically antagonistic impact on at least a few players.

You can promptly join a Path of Exile Talent Competition to show off your creativity and win some sweet prizes in better news. You can present your creation in virtually any field, including cosplay, fan art, dance, baking, gifs, music, fan fiction, comics, or crafts. Awards combine into autographed art books and prints, a cloth map of Wraeclast, a foam Exalted Orb, including in-game microtransactions. Entries should be presented as replies to the announcement thread here and posted before March 7 at 8 p.m. Pacific.

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